Planning a Day Trip to Eden

Eden is a lovely little coastal town located within the Sapphire Coast region, about a six-hour drive from both Sydney and Melbourne. Named not for the gemstone but the stunning blue waters, the Sapphire Coast offers stunning views and plenty to do. From oysters to hikes to whales galore, there are a lot of options for any traveller. If you’re visiting the Sapphire Coast, be sure to check out Eden for a few fun day trips.

Go Whale Watching
Eden is most famously known for its whale watching sights. During the Southern Migration, thousands of Humpback Whales make their usual trek from Antarctica to the Great Barrier Reef, passing through the Sapphire Coast along the way. Because these gentle giants follow a specific yearly pattern, it is very easy to track when they will be seen and whale watching Eden cruises are in abundance at this time. Anytime from May to November is a great time to see these whales and other creatures like sea turtles, sea birds, and more.

Check Out the Views at the Green Cape Lookout
On your way to whale watching is the Green Cape Lookout—a great spot for not only nice views, but also birdwatching and wild-life spotting, like fur seals, albatross, or sea eagles. This rocky terrain offers a beautiful view of the blue waters and the Green Cape Lightstation provides a good object for photographers.

Pass the Hours at The Killer Whale Museum
Eden is known for whales; it only makes sense that they have a whale museum! This museum has been in operation for nearly ninety years, and it is a great stop, both for individuals and families alike. There are many sea-farer artifacts, parts of ships, and even a skeleton of a Killer Whale named Tom! This educational experience is a great activity for all ages.

Snuggle Up at Snug Cove
Snug Cove provides breathtaking views at the meeting point of three wharves. You can watch boats come and go, shop along the seaside, or simply sit at one of the nearby restaurants and indulge in one of Australia’s many fine wines. This southernmost deep-water harbour is a site you surely don’t want to miss.

Close to Eden and still located within the Sapphire Coast region are the coastal towns of Merimbula and Bermagui, both of which offer additional seaside activities such as fishing or snorkelling, and plenty of beautiful beaches. Between this stretch of coast is a whole new world, waiting to be discovered.

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