How to Help your Child Find Their Sporting Passion

Most kids enjoy playing sports and a lucky few discover a passion that leads to sporting excellence and possibly a career as a professional athlete. Sports are very important for growing kids; it gives an energy release and this is a time for developing muscles, which sport provides.

How do you help your son or daughter to find a sport they love?

Search online for Australian sporting tours and browse the many great packages; of course, your son or daughter should play a role in the selection, as the goal is to find a sport that they enjoy and see where it leads. Don’t expect to hit the jackpot with the first introduction; a child might have an initial interest, which quickly wavers and if that happens, look at other sports, whether team or individual.

Online solutions

Check out some of the sports travel packages that are offered by a leading Australian academy and see what motivates your kids; prices are affordable and there are international packages to expand your child’s horizon. Combining sports with other cultures, it makes for a rich experience and is ideal for the summer break. There are courses for after-school, weekends and school holidays and you can book trial sessions to find out if your child is into a specific sport or activity.

Engage in sports together

If you are into a particular sport, why not involve your child? Whether golf, baseball or even soccer, introducing your kids at an early age might just ignite a spark in their passion. If you swim often, make sure your child accompanies you to get used to being in water and the sooner they learn to swim, the better.

Trial and error

Why not book a few hours at a local archery club and let your kids have a go; you will soon know if they do have a high interest level. It might lead to nothing, but at least they have tried it and if you keep introducing new sports, the chances are they will find one they want to pursue. It might be watersports that float their boat, or perhaps tennis, spend time browsing online, looking for sports courses and tours and don’t be afraid to suggest unusual activities.

Spending quality time with your kids is as important for them as it is for you and exposing your child to a wide range of sports, you are doing what you can to help them find a sport they wish to pursue.

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