How To Get The Best Hotel Deals When Visiting Phuket

There are millions of people every year that flock to Thailand for a tropical holiday in the sun, and one of the most frequently visited destinations in the country is Phuket. It is an excellent place to go whether you are a family, a couple, or looking to have a holiday with friends, and there is something for everyone on the island of Phuket. If you are planning a holiday here and want to ensure that you get the best price possible for your accommodation, below are some tips to help you find the best deals possible.

The Best Time To Go

If the price of your holiday is paramount, then you may wish to visit Phuket when it is less busy and fewer tourists are visiting, as this can also be a cheaper time of year to stay. The most popular time to visit is when the weather is cooler, between November and February, so avoiding these months can make your holiday cheaper. The summer months when it is hottest, between March and May, also coincides with the Thai New Year, so prices also reflect this. If you go during the rainy season which lasts from June to October, you can often get the best deals, and even though it is the rainy season the weather is still warm, and you can still get a tan.

Be Flexible

If you are flexible where you stay on the island of Phuket, then you also have more chance of getting an excellent deal on a phuket luxury resort. There are many different sides to Phuket, and if you are looking for something lively, you have plenty of options available, as well as if you are looking for a quieter holiday. If you choose an area to stay in such as Patong which is lively, and you stay a little further out of the town, then you can potentially save a lot of money.

Shop Around

There are many websites that you can visit to try and get the best deal for your holiday, and it is worthwhile looking at as many of these as you can. If you find a hotel or resort that you like, it is also worth the effort of contacting the hotel directly and seeing if there are any special deals available for when you visit. You can use thee aggregator websites such as and Trivago, but do not stick to just one, search as many different sites as you can, and you will be able to find yourself an excellent deal. Once you have found the perfect place to stay for your trip to Phuket, the only thing left to do is get there and ensure that you have a fantastic holiday.

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