Finding A Serviced Apartment in The Sathorn Area of Bangkok

Bangkok is an intriguing and diverse mixture of sights and sounds that can assault your senses. It is a fantastic blend of culture, cuisine, nightlife, and shopping that is almost unrivalled in Southeast Asia, if not the world. But as with all major cities, navigating the sometimes-complicated rental property market can be difficult, especially if you are new to the city. But with some valuable tips and advice, you can find a property where you are very happy in your new environment. Some areas of larger cities are obviously better than others, and this article will focus on one such area of Bangkok, which is Sathorn. We will detail the benefits of living there and how you can find an apartment for rent near Shrewsbury international college or other nearby facilities.

The Up & Coming Area of Sathorn

The Sathorn area of Bangkok is south of the city’s centre on the Chao Phraya River; it is around forty minutes from Bangkok International airport. It is a modern upmarket district with plenty of modern amenities, restaurants, and retail outlets to keep the most demanding resident content. The area has great transport links to enable you to quickly get across the city to work or to visit friends or family. You can choose between the nearby BTS Skytrain transit system or the plentiful boats on the river so you can get where you want to go quickly.

Where To Rent in Sathorn

The Sathorn area is well provided for when it comes to serviced rental complexes, with many options at various levels of budget; among the best are –

  • Bangkok Garden – this upmarket complex has modern units and also has the largest private garden in central Bangkok.
  • Urbana Sathorn – this apartment complex has elegant, spacious apartments, great facilities, and is close to local transport links.

When planning your rental search takes plenty of time to research and view the best apartment complexes that suit your needs and budget; you never know if the next option you find might be better than the one you already have.

Tips For First-Time Renters

If you are renting in a major city, it is always a good idea to have a full grasp of what you are responsible for; before confirming any rental agreement, check what additional fees may need paying, that the building has all the proper insurance credentials and what procedures are in place in case of emergencies. Remember you are the customer in the rental process, and any prospective complex will want your business, or you can always go elsewhere.

Now you can confidently step into Bangkok’s rental market armed with the information to enable you to find a superb apartment.

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