6 Reasons why a water theme park was the highlight of your Phuket family holiday

You have just returned to your hotel with the family absolutely shattered. You have loved everything on your holiday in a stunning location, with perfect weather and amazing scenery. Everyone is buzzing, but today was the highlight.

You had plans before departure to ensure that everyone could have fun, and nobody would be bored, not that it is possible in such a beautiful part of the world, and today’s adventures at the best theme park Phuket can provide topped the lot for 6 great reasons.

  1. The waterslides at Andamanda were just incredible, offering thrills and plenty of spills for all ages heritage-themed water park that embraces the local Thai culture. The Angels’ Slides were a couple together featuring Thailand’s first Master Blaster. The Eagle Flyer saw you descend vertically before bouncing back up, while the Racing Nagas allowed all four of you to race against each other. The kids sure enjoyed beating you on that!
  2. Knowing that you were going for a full day, you decided to hire a cabana so that you could regain some energy when not rushing or splashing about. You managed to sneak in an hour or so of relaxation by The Great Andamanda Bay when the youngsters let you have a break. Being fully furnished allowed you to doze off for a short while.
  3. The Sino-Portuguese and Thai architecture was something special which provided a dramatic backdrop to your day. It was ideal for all ages to enjoy and appreciate, as you combined fun with learning.
  4. The kids were allowed to let their imaginations run wild learning about the different mascots of the theme park which educated them all about culture and mythology. It was simply perfect, and you just know that they will want to return.
  5. It was easy to reach the theme park by car, with your hotel also running trips to the location close to historic Phuket Town, which is a great place to visit on the way home, or perhaps a stop at the nearby modern air-conditioned shopping mall might be a preference.
  6. Booking was easy in advance online while once inside there was a range of restaurants and food outlets. You and the wife even got to enjoy a drink in the Wave Bar, which helped revive you.

Andamanda was a theme park and day out that you will never forget, offering great value for money and amazing attractions.

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